FTC Censorship: Who Decides For Us?

As we launch this blog, it is our hope that level headed people will persist in their objective of allowing the American people to decide for themselves if supplements to our food are good for us or not.

Thomas Jefferson, US Founding Father, drafter of the Declaration of Independence and 3rd US President warned us of excessive government. Here is his quote on the subject that should hang in every health food store and supplement manufacturers’ office to steel them against big government:

“If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

It is our view that there is extensive censorship by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) as regards to vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements that can and do help people with a healthy lifestyle.

Are the FTC and FDA in cahoots to suppress the benefits of natural supplements? Is there a pro Pharma bias within these agencies? Are our first amendment rights at risk?

We are not intimidated  and we will stand up.


Stay tuned—lots more to come.

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