FDA and FTC Censorship Fails to Prop Up Collapsing Pharmaceutical Industry

Despite FDA attempts to prohibit the use of dietary supplements for the treatment and prevention of disease and FTC censorship of health information regarding the successes attained with dietary supplements, the pharmaceutical industry is set to lose $50 billion in the coming year alone. There are several reasons behind this loss, including the fact that the blush is off the Big Pharma rose for consumers: they want something better.

What is causing the Big Pharma collapse? Number one on the list is this year’s patent expiration of ten top-selling drugs. The sales of these drugs amount to $50 billion.

pills-microsoft-MP900403584Patents have expired before, but there are usually new drugs to take their place. Not so this time. Even acquisitions of other companies with new drugs haven’t been enough to replace the soon to be lost revenues.

The industry has also been expending $ billions in fines every year for illegal and unethical business practices. The primary offense has been marketing drugs for uses other than those approved by the FDA. Along with these fines and settlements are the $ hundreds of millions being paid in injuries and deaths caused by the drugs.

One other factor is the growing public awareness of the dangers of drugs and the desire to attain good health rather than attempting to manage symptoms with dangerous drugs.

“The press about pharmaceutical companies doesn’t go unnoticed by the public. There are news items practically every day about drug companies breaking the law, drugs being recalled because of disastrous side effects, and class action suits for injuries and deaths,” said Bob Held, founder of Wellness Truth Network.

“You’re not even safe in a hospital. According to experts, one in five hospital patients are injured or die every year due to adverse drug reactions. Add that to the recent studies showing placebos often do just as good a job as drugs and the Big Pharma collapse is not a surprise. Not too many years ago the drug industry was among the most profitable in the world. Now even the FDA support and FTC censorship won’t be able to get them back on top. Natural healing is here to stay.”

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