Is Natural Radiation Protection Effected by FTC Censorship?

Is Natural Radiation Protection Effected by FTC Censorship?

Concern about the effects of the recent nuclear plant disaster in Japan has been on just about everyone’s mind over the last few weeks. So far, it looks like we’re safe here on the U.S. mainland, but what many people do not know is that radiation exposure is a big threat right here in the U.S., regardless of what happens in other countries. The threat comes from our own medical profession, and it’s potentially even worse than Hiroshima. In fact, most of us would benefit from natural supplements that help reduce the effects of and eliminate radiation from the body. With any luck, this is one claim that won’t be the subject of FTC censorship.

What medical protocol has become a threat? CT scans.

Many people know that having too many x-rays is dangerous. But just one CT scan exposes us to the amount of radiation equal to 350 x-rays – the same amount of radiation experienced by someone who was a mere 2,000 yards from Hiroshima’s Ground Zero.

There are currently approximately 70 million CT scans delivered in the U.S. per year, 35% of which are estimated as unnecessary.

Also, according to one study, 30 percent of patients who have CT scans have at least three scans, 7 percent of patients who have CT scans have at least five scans, and 4 percent of patients will receive at least nine scans.

The President’s Cancer Panel – a group that meets every year to analyze and evaluate the current state of the National Cancer Program – put together a lot of information about our exposure to radiation and created a chart comparing radiation exposure in Hiroshima to that of CT scans.

Radiation Dose Sustained by Some Hiroshima Blast Survivors


Adapted from: Preston DL, Ron E, Tokuoka S, Funamoto S, Nishi N, et al. Solid cancer incidence in atomic bomb survivors: 1958-1998. Radiation Research 2007;168:1-64.

See the Panel’s full report, Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk – What We Can Do About It Now, for details and more information.

What does all this radiation do to the body? Damages tissue and DNA – which can lead to all kinds of diseases, conditions and malfunctions, including cancer. Not that one x-ray is going to do much damage, a healthy body can repair the damage done by small doses of radiation. But when you consider how many x-rays and scans some people have over their lifetime, along with other environmental exposure to radiation and the myriad other possible and confirmed carcinogens we’re exposed to with every breath, every morsel of food, every medication, and every time we wash our face, brush our teeth, put on make-up or deodorant, we’re lucky we can fight off the common cold.

To keep the radiation levels down to a safe minimum, the President’s Cancer Panel recommends:

  • A periodical check of home radon levels
  • A radon test in any home you are considering buying
  • Discussing the need for medical tests or procedures that involve radiation exposure with your health care providers. Key considerations include personal history of radiation exposure, the expected benefit of the test, and alternative ways of obtaining the same information.
  • Keeping a record of all imaging or nuclear medicine tests received and, whenever possible, the estimated dose for each.

The Panel also recommends a headset for cell phones, to reduce exposure to electromagnetic energy, and avoiding sun exposure when the sunlight is most intense. Getting sunburn is never advisable, but remember that sunlight has also been used to heal for millennia. So just be sensible about the sun.

What can you do about eliminating radiation from the body and mitigating the damage caused by exposure using nutritional supplements and other natural means?

The University of Maryland Medical Center provides a comprehensive list. There is also good info and access to sites that monitor radiation levels on the U.S. west coast on Debra’s List Toxics-Health web page, and on Gaia Health. One other nutrient that has been proven to help with radiation exposure is Niacin – Vitamin B3. Read more about Niacin on dare2baware.

To date, FTC censorship has targeted some specific products that claim to mitigate the effects of and protect against radiation, but most, if not all, supplements mentioned on the sites above – which do not mention specific products, just the nutrient or food source – are readily available.

The chances of Japan’s disaster being a problem in the U.S. are slim, but because of the other sources of radiation exposure, it’s always a good idea to do your best to eliminate radiation from your body and protect yourself from any potential exposure.

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