Are Coconuts Next on the FTC Censorship List?

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I recently heard a radio show called The People’s Pharmacy. No, there’s no political leaning. It’s a call-in and interview show, with a great website as well, that features home spun remedies and personal experiences related to successful healing (or not) of any number of conditions. I thought I’d pass some on to our readers. If you like today’s home remedy, you might want to print it out – we don’t know how long this program can avoid detection by the FTC censorship team.

That’s a joke of course. They certainly wouldn’t put coconuts under the control of the FDA and Big Pharma and make us get a prescription for them. Oh, wait a minute, there was that walnut thing.

Well, never mind that for now. Let’s just continue with the coconuts.

I was very impressed with this remedy – coconut macaroons for diarrhea. I don’t think coconut as a remedy for diarrhea is something new, I’ve read testimonials from people who have had diarrhea for years that has been relieved with coconut.

What is new is a wheat-free recipe for coconut macaroons. Since wheat allergy and sensitivity is so common, and in itself can cause a lot of digestive problems, I think this wheat-free digestive remedies are a really good idea.

A reader of The People’s Pharmacy website sent this recipe to the site. She developed it to help her son who, after months of diarrhea and looking for the reason behind it, was diagnosed with Crone’s disease. Mom wanted to use coconut, in the form of macaroons, but her son was also allergic to wheat.

So … here’s her wheat-free coconut macaroons solution:

Mix the following ingredients:

6 tablespoons sweet rice flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon almond extract

4 egg whites

1 14 oz. package of shredded coconut

1/3 cup chocolate chips

Drop onto a cookie sheet and bake at 325 degrees until the tops turn light brown, about 15 or 20 minutes.

These cookies handled her son’s diarrhea and, after having lost 22 pounds while trying to find out what was wrong with him, he has now started to gain weight!

How many coconut macaroons do you need?

At the risk of being accused of practicing medicine without a license, prescribing a drug that does not have FDA approval and violating rules that might bring another FTC censorship warning, I can tell you that another person who wrote into The People’s Pharmacy site said that two coconut macaroons a day keeps his diarrhea under control.

If you’re not fond of macaroons, other testimonials say eating shredded coconut works just fine.

For more info and more recipes and hints, check out the People’s Pharmacy.

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