Natural Arthritis Relief – Arthritis Water Physical Exercise

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Hydrotherapy is frequently regarded as probably the most effective therapy for arthritis. Water offers much more resistance as compared to air and assists in restoring joint discomfort issues. The buoyancy in water supports the weight of the body and reduces pressure on joints. Continue reading “Natural Arthritis Relief – Arthritis Water Physical Exercise”

Holistic/Natural Help for Dealing with Fibromyalgia

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There’s good news for people who live in the Buffalo area and suffer from Fibromyalgia and other pain diseases. The University at Buffalo’s research and behavioral clinic is doing some great work (including counseling patients) with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Chronic Back Pain, Migraine and Tension Headaches, Noncardiac Chest Pain, and Tempomandibular Joint Disorders. Continue reading “Holistic/Natural Help for Dealing with Fibromyalgia”

New Study Shows Arthritis Pain May Be Reduced by Losing Just a Little Weight

With 50 million people in the U.S. affected by arthritis – and related healthcare costs of $128 billion every year – reducing arthritis pain is an important issue. A new study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that weight loss may be a key factor. And you may not have to lose as much as you think. Continue reading “New Study Shows Arthritis Pain May Be Reduced by Losing Just a Little Weight”

Treating Joint Pain with Physical Activity, Self-Management Programs

By Lia Steakley

From Medical news and conversation from Stanford School of Medicine

Many of us, myself included, have been told it’s best to put fitness routines on hold and take it easy when faced with joint pain. But now it seems sitting on the couch and waiting for the pain to dissipate may not be the most effective treatment, especially when the diagnosis is osteoarthritis. Continue reading “Treating Joint Pain with Physical Activity, Self-Management Programs”

Natural Arthritis Treatment for Effective Arthritis Relief

From – By Alex Mandosa – Published: 3/12/2011

Natural arthritis treatment is a treatment that generally recommended when a patient wants to avoid the side effects of prescription arthritis drugs. This alternative approach is safer than the drugs and it can be just as effective as them. However, it can’t work by itself. There are other factors that also essential to do in order to get a faster and lasting arthritis relief.

Arthritis is actually known as joint inflammation. This inflammation is the one that leads to swelling, pain, stiffness and limiting our movement. When the condition is chronic, it can damage the cartilage and increase pain even further. That’s why, this aspect should be addressed well in natural arthritis treatment if you want to improve your condition.

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