FTC Censorship Missing When We Really Need It

From CBS business network, BNET, an article titled:  WebMD’s Depression Test Has Only One (Sponsored) Answer: You’re “At Risk”.  In this case, we could really use some FTC censorship or exposure or threats or fines as the FTC is so fond of doing with the natural supplement sector.

WebMD’s online test for depression is blatantly skewed for the benefit of their sponsor, Eli Lilly.

The article continues:

Feeling depressed? Cheer yourself up by taking WebMD’s comical new depression test. It’s sponsored by Eli Lilly (LLY) — maker of the antidepressant Cymbalta – so they must know what they’re talking about, right? In fact, no matter which of the 10 answers you choose on the test, the result comes out the same:

You may be at risk for major depression.

Well folks in case you didn’t know it you are nuts and so are all your neighbors. Even after this was exposed in the media, the test results for some respondents were changed to:

 Lower risk.

That makes us feel a lot better, we are now just lower risk to be depressed and in urgent need of some mind-numbing and expensive pharmaceutical.

A search of the FTC web site found nothing about this situation. Why is the FTC silent on this matter? Is there an influence from the vested interests of big Pharma?

Do you think this is false and deceptive advertising?

Some good news:

Sen. Charles Grassley wants the link between WebMD and Lilly investigated  because he suspects people may rely on the test, thinking it is objective information when in fact it’s sponsored fluff. Lilly funded the test, which was accompanied by ads for its antidepressant pill, Cymbalta.

We applaud Senator’s Grassley’s actions.