Can You Achieve Weight Loss with Fast Food?

by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The controversial documentary Super Size Me vividly showed the harmful effects of regularly eating fast food. For four weeks, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock consumed 5,000 calories a day from fast food meals, which caused his health to suffer to the point that his doctor warned him to stop his experiment to avoid more serious consequences. Continue reading “Can You Achieve Weight Loss with Fast Food?”

Intravenous Vitamin C As Cancer Therapy


Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, April 14, 2011

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OMNS Apr 14, 2011

Scientists have long studied the effects of mega-doses of vitamin C to treat a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. Research documents vitamin C as one of the best antiviral agents available. Vitamin C has been shown to neutralize and eliminate a wide range of toxins, and to enhance host resistance, greatly augmenting the immune system’s ability to neutralize bacterial and fungal infections. Most importantly, there is extensive published research demonstrating vitamin C’s anti-cancer properties. (1) Continue reading “Intravenous Vitamin C As Cancer Therapy”

How Fever Can Cure Cancer

Reprint from NaturalNews

Artificially induced fever has been successfully used for the treatment of cancer, especially in Germany. One must first understand the importance of fever for healing. Fever is not a symptom that we must eliminate with toxic pharmaceuticals as prescribed by mainstream medicine. Fever is nature’s way of healing and eliminating pathogens. (Natural News “Do Not Kill a Fever; Fever Kills Viruses” source below). Continue reading “How Fever Can Cure Cancer”

Protect yourself with this vitamin to dramatically lower colon cancer risk

NaturalNews –¬†Evidence in support of the health-promoting properties of vitamin D continues to mount as new research shows a direct link between blood levels of the super-nutrient and the risk of developing colon cancer. The National Cancer Institute provides statistics showing that colon cancer is the second most deadly form of the disease, taking the lives of more than 50,000 each year in the US. The International Journal of Cancer has published a meta-analysis from nine comprehensive studies showing dramatic reductions in colon cancer risk with higher blood concentrations of the sunshine vitamin. Continue reading “Protect yourself with this vitamin to dramatically lower colon cancer risk”