Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol

by Eileen Eva

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Cholesterol swings both ways, too much of it and a stroke or heart condition is on the way, too little of it and more problems arise.¬†If you want out of harm’s way in regards to cholesterol, you better make sure your overall levels are less than 200 mg/dL with LDL cholesterol level less than 100 mg/dL. If you happen to experience, breathlessness, excessive sweating, general fatigue, pain and heaviness in the chest area or uneasiness you might be having high blood cholesterol. Visit your doctor before you find yourself in the ER.

What could have caused or will cause high cholesterol in your blood include excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, high fat diets, obesity and heredity factors. The web crawls with expensive and at times ineffective ways of controlling high blood cholesterol but on the rebound there are natural safe and effective remedies for high cholesterol.

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