Big Agri Works with FTC Censorship to Destroy the Health of Americans

A friend was recently in Canada visiting friends and family. While there, she was thrilled to receive many jars of her friend’s mother’s jams, jellies and preserves. Rhubarb, strawberry, wild blueberry – she said they were delicious. The family used to have a fruit farm and they really know how to make delicious food with fresh, safe, natural ingredients. She also scored a big jar of raw, unprocessed honey, straight from one of the three hives owned and operated by her friend’s son.

He doesn’t sell the honey, nor does her friend’s mom sell her jam. Instead, they are made with love and given freely to their five grown children and their families – spouses, in-laws, sixteen grandchildren, one great grandchild – and a few privileged extended family members, like my friend. Just as families have been doing forever.

When my friend was telling me this story, it occurred to me to wonder if the new Food Safety Modernization Act would put an end to all that.

If this family was living in the U.S., would the mother be a criminal for sharing this food with my friend? Believe it or not, yes. She would be a criminal.

Would Homeland Security or the Department of Defense show up at her doorstep one day demanding she cease and desist – machine guns trained on her 84-year-old aproned frame?

Not likely. Why? Because she’s not a threat to Big Agriculture.

Now, if that family went back to having a small but exclusive fruit farm – a very popular brand back in the day – and started selling their products, they would be in trouble. Especially if it were known people were buying their products instead of going to the local supermarket to get something made by a Big Agri company.

Big Agriculture doesn’t want us eating fruit they would have grown without chemical fertilizers, without processing methods that cook the nutrients out of food, without the preservatives used to extend shelf life, without GMOs, without sugar made white with toxic chemicals. Without using the chemicals the President’s Cancer Panel says we should stay away from if we want to remain healthy.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson.

FTC censorship, along with the FDA, decides what vitamins, minerals and other nutrients we should be allowed to take. FTC censorship is an attempt to ensure people don’t even find out about things that may help us maintain or restore good health. Big Agri is now trying to decide what we eat, with enforcement from Homeland Security and the Department of Defense as necessary.

This is nothing short of tyranny. The health of the American population, which has been under siege and in a steady decline as the power of Big Agri has grown, will continue to be endangered.

Thomas Jefferson warned us this was coming. Time for us to put a stop to it.

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