Practical Matters: Number of Prediabetics Rising in the U.S.

Reprint from Los Angeles Times:

Many don’t know they have the condition, experts say, adding that they’ll advance to Type 2 diabetes if they don’t exercise moderately and improve their diet.

Diabetes doesn’t pounce on a person out of the blue. Before the diagnosis, a person may linger on the fringes of the condition — blood sugar high but not yet over that line that is clearly diabetes — for years.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released figures in January showing that the number of American adults with prediabetes had jumped from 57 million in 2008 to 79 million in 2010. During the same period, the number with full-on diabetes grew from 23.6 million to 26 million, the vast majority of which are Type 2 cases.

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